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Visual Art possesses one important quality: it constantly follows the life and is constantly updated. So, each generation of artists interpreting the achievements of their predecessors, is making its items that reflect life in its new manifestations.

This is exemplified by the creativity of the artist Nicole Widmer Meyer. Gifted girl from early childhood felt cravings for art. After an education in graphic design, she worked in several graphic and marketing agencies. Today Nicole's art can be considered one of the most bizarre and amusing in contemporary art. She loves presenting her own view on life and wants to make people create their very own story behind her art.



4. - 6. April 2016

Portfolio exhibition at the School of Art and Design in Zurich, Switzerland. Among the exhibits are presented paintings, sculptures, videos, prints and installations of 24 artists.

25 November 2015

Organizers: SKDZ School of Art and Design Zurich. Based on a two week study journey to Berlin, Germany, several projects of students where exhibitioned at Zurich, Switzerland.

10. November 2015

I was lucky enough to be able to work with the stunningly talented band "Figures" to create their new website. Make sure you check out the music clip to their latest single "Let Me Sleep" on figures-music.ch.